Mathew Tsirides is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Greece. He was born in Athens in 1993 and raised in Molos. At the age of 16, he moved to Paphos, Cyprus, where he graduated from the Technical School of Paphos from the field of Fine Arts with specialisation in graphic design. He was always interested in painting and even though he started as a graphic designer when he got in the Department of Audio/Visual Arts he found concept art to be more fulfilling.
He has been part of various projects both as a concept artist and as an illustrator. He has illustrated a short story for STARLING Watch company, he has worked as a concept artist for the horror video game "Alone: the untold" as well as for "Roadside Picnic", a concept art project based on the Strugatsky Brothers’ book with the same title. Finally, he is the director, art director and a concept artist for the video game "Case 32", that is in production.
Right now Mathew Tsirides is a senior at the Department of Audio/Visual Arts of Ionian University, in Corfu.

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